Thursday, January 12, 2012


it my first post in 2012.. ha ha kind da late huh? but i really running out of time.... 2011 is a good year to me but hope 2012 treat me better. but seems like not really as im still running out of time and first month doesn't really treat me that good....

my car been with me for 7 yrs and problems start to occur one by one ..suppose to change car this year but guess i still remain back my little blacky, as economic not that good for this year. yet im still looking for service apartment to rent, can tell the property lately really crazy and HOT.. all the prizes killing me. even i rent out my current house and use the rental to cover my service apartment and yet i still need to calculate other bills.....

working life really challenging... more task on hand for me already, and is my time to take this challenge and go another steps, but ever since my manager left my work load is like non stop, but i have to take it... i cant hate my job but to love them than only i will feel my job and love my job. honestly people beside me do advise me to get a better job but i tell them nth is better than my current job where i can wear casual to work, blast music in the office, astro ready to watch, utube is not an issues FB for sure 100% OK to use.. hahah meeting all the artist, planning showcase and manage artist ..... where i can get this job satisfaction ? haha and my direct boss treating me good as well, powerful women with awesome knowledge.

well some pictures to share on below and some of them are from last year 2011 year end which i've no time to upload.

Dinner treat from Dillon, thanks

CNY greeting card from my colleague hahah.... so sweet of her

ok... this pic suppose to be Matrix but end up my boss said look like LEE HOM more.. haha

2011 my second Beats, Xmas party in the office.....
Kai Ko second repack limited album.......
Spend my Xmas in a awesome hotel..
Xmas deco that i think is awesome and also pay an X amount of $ for my black cars.... 6 layers
My Bday celebration with the girl that i celebrate every year.. ha ha so sweet of them.. love it, and also my best buddies, Eve, Lee koon..... love u both so much that spare ur time for my Bday dinner in HILLS..... ha ha spend a lot good time with u guys...... and also my office colleague... u guys really make me felt warm in the office...... my boss on leave also back to just sing a song and of coz she got a call to make in the office.. hahah. Warner and Universal gang.. thanks as well....the cake awesome..... and also someone who spend with me also la... thanks you guys....

-c a r t -

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

so sweettt..

Ours from Taylor Swift on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

things that happen in Nov 2011

wow seems like ages i never update my blog, guess due to my workload and time constrained so i've no choice but to ignore my blog haha....1 more month we will have to say bye bye to 2011 and welcome 2o12... ( end of the world huh?) is time to set a brand new goal that need to achieve. things keep changing in year 2011 but cant compare to last year.. which is a real big huge change for me....anyhow no matter wat happen i stil have to look forward and over come it.

well....ever since Oct on wards im bz like bees.... 1 mth only step into gym like3 times? haha waste of $, event, concert, happy hour, OT, and so on........ my sickness still the same... not any better ... sigh when can this things over? suffer enough of tis.... hence i admit i've try my best to hide all my stress and problems when im back home but still i fail to do it, but now still trying very best to act normal even in career or other things. Back hometown saw a "master" and the first look he look at me and he told me... " be a happy go lucky person is good" always wear a smile on ya face. so is this means i manage to cover up all my stress? humph.. doubt tht.. haha

anyway , just wanna share some pictures here as a memory ......

White Xmas tree in the office...
Me and my mom after sis wedding dinner.....
my beloved sis and her husband..

all the Heng Taiz.....

dessert for the Heng Taiz.....

Jay Chou album in the house...
this is where i went during Hennessy Artistry..... Negeri Sembilan... TITI
Greyson Chance Live in KL Live

Pitbull PC...... btw guys ready for Pitbull concert??
my MD wrote this for me and ask me to attn some event... haha cute nya

Mr. Lim's Bday dinner in WIP. awesome food
Celebrating Michelle Bday in Plan B Bangsar....

-c a r t-

Monday, September 26, 2011

Aug and Sept 2011

it's been some time i never update , well honestly i'm bz with my work n my personal things. lately lots of things keep bugging me and also alot things keep bothering me. mood swing n swing due to all this but i have to stay strong n keep positive, else i dunno wat will happen to me.. hahah. got to save up money to fill up all my commitment..... this is LIFE>.. haha

Frens of mine ask me before, wat is the point of living in this world where she felt this world is nth to her, she don deserve to be here. things don work accordingly to wat she wan. i've no idea wat to tell her and comfort her but just tell her to see and think positive else another head line story in newspaper.. haha

Besides, sister engagement dinner last month and nth much about tht.... During this month, lots of open house to attend with my boss, which is a good time for me to know all my working partner and also others label ppl. im not a big fans of malay food.. so i not really enjoy but some malay food are really awesome.. ahhah

Warner + Universal + Sony Digital team

Ben_Ryan_Cart.... dinner in Ikea, where Ryan back from Spore

Joe Brooks EP

Sony pretty mama and pretty coll.. haha

i've nth to do during nite time and so traffic light casing for my Iphone n my BB

Back in hometown

Mooncake festival..... in BU

Miss this so much, my lovely buddies.

Hometown buddies in sis engagement dinner.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Allergy really killss.....

ever since i back from Sepang Gold Coast and till today my allergy still not yet fully recover. been suffering for like 3 mths and yet till today im still facing the same prob. consulted few doctors and and finally decided to consult skin specialist.

Lesson learned that, whenever sand flies bite and must solve it ASAP don drag and tak ada apa. coz doctor said tht fucking sand flies' teeth stil inside my blood or IT's virus still inside running around my body. the worse is , it's fucking irritating with tht kind da feeling when u are actually working and having meeting with someone..... really............. Geram!!

everynite scratch non stop as i not awake im actually scratching my body when im sleeping and wake up in the morning , either bleeding or red spot. WTF man... how to see ppl la.....!!

this month my $$ all invested into doc, into specialist, and i need to start makan roti again!! ha ha ha.... save back my $ for other purposes.

beside, lately mayb due to aging...... my eye sight getting worse. just got myself a new pair glasses, and i have to wear it for like few weeks to get over it. ha ha look so nob but have no choice. everyday look at monitor, eye sight getting worse is just nth.

signing off.....

-c a r t-

Sunday, August 07, 2011

I Pot Pot Picture.

Last month just got myself another phone, and im not a big fans of apple but yet have to use it coz of music, and iphone is a music phone or so called an "entertainment" phone where my BB can't support most of the apps.

July just passed and it's also one of the most bz month and yet fun too... ha ha.. concert non stop, and have to work during concert but i love and i enjoy it. it's smth new to me. Incubus, MTV world stage, David Archuleta concert all in 1 week.... i'm just................ TIRED>. ha ha but i really enjoy most of the time, and i get to see David for 2 days together with his tour manager and his father. i'm the production runner for the concert ( so called maid or PA for the production side), and i will be in the backstage most of the time....... from all the concert i learn alot of things, from PC, to interview, to transport arrangement, to sound check , hall check , and lots more. it's a good experience where not all ppl get the chance to feel it.

World Stage ( MTV) - Awesome concert where MTV got tht amount of $$ to spend on. ha ha saw Neon Tree in the hotel , 30 sec to mars in the hotel and DJ UTT in hotel as well..... wonderful. but i;ve no time to ask for photo with them... and yet i have to stay professional during my work. ha ha i know im lame but no choice....

beside, i'm sick right after David concert... lack of sleep lack of water..... end up.. all come at once. as usually the " Friend" that visit u.. hahha fever flu.... blah blah blah..!!! hate tht.

My allergy getting worse, wonder when only i wil get rid of all this itchiness and also felt irritating. just cant concentrate on work. fuck the sand bugs......... i not gonna step into Msia beach again....... i've spend alot of $ on medication lately....... all my saving ad gone into medicine... ha ha .. as ppl said " no ppl pls don fall sick" .

Below are some randoms picture that i took with iphone... nth much but just my daily routine in the office and also work and play.

-c a r t-